Performing Arts
What if silver had a sound?
It is with this simple idea that we approached three renowned artists and collective to create an immersive, modern and unexpected digital piece.
United Visual Artists, the British design practise, created a unique installation, in a London studio, that could “play” the sound of silver. Pieces of the new Hermès collection were placed on 16 metallic turntables, each propelled by an intricately designed cogs mechanism. Lasers scanned the jewellery and triggered a sound, to finally compose an experimental symphony. Under the progressive hands of YoggyOne, each sound was created as a unique interpretation of the silver pieces, influenced by its shape, density, volume and weight.
The team
Art Direction   /   Jean-Michel Falligan Devergne
Installation   /   United Visual Artists
Direction   /   Caswell Coggins
Sound Design   /   YoggyOne