Performing Arts
Paco Rabanne dreamed up the Invictus Award to promote its sport-themed perfume. We supplied the buzz.
We implemented an unprecedented digital experience focused on the Invictus Award, bringing together the major communication tools currently available on the web: an awarded website, a Custom YouTube channel and a Facebook page. For each one of the two seasons, over 20 episodes were posted to the site continually, revealing the athletes who were placed at the center of a state-of-the-art platform. A real battle was struck between the athletes to get internet users votes. The results : over 1M unique visitors on the platform, 40M video views on the webshow and 200 000 votes on the platform for both Season 01 & Season 02.
The team
Art Direction   /   Yul Moreau, Manuel Tocanne, Louis Ansa
Development   /   Maxime Mangin, Sylvain Tran, Marc-Alexandre Lièvre
Video Production   /   Fremantle Media