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Paco Rabanne Invictus - FWA, Awwwards

The Invictus Award

Paris | 2013 & 2014

Paco Rabanne dreamed up the Invictus Award to promote its sport-themed perfume. We supplied the buzz.
We implemented an unprecedented digital experience focused on the Invictus Award, bringing together the major communication tools currently available on the web: an awarded website, a Custom YouTube channel and a Facebook page. For each one of the two seasons, over 20 episodes were posted to the site continually, revealing the athletes who were placed at the center of a state-of-the-art platform. A real battle was struck between the athletes to get internet users votes. The results : over 1M unique visitors on the platform, 40M video views on the webshow and 200 000 votes on the platform for both Season 01 & Season 02.

Deliverables : Dedicated desktop & mobile websites, Youtube Branded Channel + Custom Gadget
Team : Yul Moreau, Manuel Tocanne, Louis Ansa - AD; Maxime Mangin, Sylvain Tran, Marc-Alexandre Lièvre - DEV
Air France, France is In The Air

Air France Expo

Shanghai, New York, Paris | 2014

In 2014, Air France gets transformed, and hypes its new brand identity at an international travelling exhibition.
They asked us to make it unforgettable. Thanks to iBeacon, our genius app uses indoor geopositioning to bring cool content straight to visitors' smartphones to make it a real immersive brand experience. The new contactless technology revolution developed by Apple locates a smartphone with an infinite precision, including indoors. We joined the firm Estimote to create a first ever experience through an innovating and audacious device : the « Compagnon Air France » mobile application.

Deliverables : Dedicated desktop & mobile websites, Event mobile app, Installation in Shanghai, New York & Paris
Team : Yul Moreau, Hugo Piquemal, Inès De-La-Ronde - AD; Emal Saïfi, Michael Courtier, Sylvain Tran, Marc-Alexandre Lièvre - DEV
DAN Paris

DAN Paris

Paris | 2014

DAN Paris is the digital agency of disruption, and the digital network for TBWA Worldwide.
We are an idea company using innovation and technology to disrupt market conventions. This means that we are not after the new innovation, but the right innovation, for you, your brands, your markets and your business. We’re not a network in the classic sense. Think of us as a global collective of digital talents, and a single access point to a pipeline of 900 proven digital specialists.

Deliverables : Dedicated desktop & mobile websites
Team : Jean-Michel Falligan Devergne, Manuel Tocanne, Victor Hav - AD; Michael Courtier, Marc-Alexandre Lièvre, Edan Kwan - DEV
Magasins U

Magasins U

Paris | 2014

Designing the new magasins-u.com platform: A user-centric challenge.
With values like closeness and hospitality, the goal of redesigning the grocery chain Magasins U's online platform was to put their consumers and all of the small producers in the centre of everything. The process of finding the absolute right way to do this took about a year of Agile thinking, but the result was worth the thoroughness if you ask us: A customized platform that adapts to your preferences based on your profile - a task taking less than two minutes to complete. And on top of that, the platform still promotes the true advantage of Magasins U in mind: making the services of all of the local shops available for you - to the benefit of everyone.

Deliverables : Dedicated desktop & mobile websites
Team : Marion Gamain - AD; Yann Lupion - UX
TBWA Paris

TBWA\ Paris

Paris | 2014

Who wants to be a F#@%ING advertising agency.
Create the future of our industry. Create the future of our clients and the society at large. That is our obsession. We are constantly moving and changing. We decided to combine all expertise under the same roof: advertising, consulting, digital, luxury, identity and graphics. We are TBWA\ Paris. 350 experts to create the future in collaboration with our clients.

Deliverables : Dedicated desktop & mobile websites
Team : Nicolas Barrès - AD; Thomas Ogier - DEV
The Sound of Hermès Silver

The Sound of Hermès Silver

Paris | 2013

What if silver had a sound? It is with this simple idea that we approached three renowned artists and collective to create an immersive, modern and unexpected digital piece.
United Visual Artists, the British design practise, created a unique installation, in a London studio, that could “play” the sound of silver. Pieces of the new Hermès collection were placed on 16 metallic turntables, each propelled by an intricately designed cogs mechanism. Lasers scanned the jewellery and triggered a sound, to finally compose an experimental symphony. Under the progressive hands of YoggyOne, each sound was created as a unique interpretation of the silver pieces, influenced by its shape, density, volume and weight.

Deliverables : Film
Team : Jean-Michel Falligan Devergne - AD; United Visual Artists - INSTALLATION; Caswell Coggins - DIRECTION; YoggyOne - SOUND DESIGN
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